Dr Lalit Verma

Feeding disorders

Feeding disorders causes lots of concerns amongst parents. Gradually, it leads to growth problems and failure to thrive. Children often have specific aversions (refusal) to certain types of foods. Forceful feeding and gastro-oesophageal reflux can be a precipitating factor. Some kids are fussy eater, but they tend to grow well.

  1. Failure to Thrive

Failure to thrive is defined as decelerated or arrested physical growth (height and weight measurements fall below the fifth percentile or a downward change in growth across two major growth percentiles) and is associated with poor developmental and emotional functioning. Organic failure to thrive occurs when there is an underlying medical cause. Nonorganic (psychosocial) failure to thrive occurs in a child who is usually younger than 2 years old and has no known medical condition that causes poor growth.